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Step 1
Receive automated e-mails of newest listings.
This is a revolutionary tool that automatically searches listings and e-mails any new or changed properties that match your specific search criteria. You will receive the newest and hottest properties as they hit the market.

Step 2
Determine what you can afford.
Visit or call your mortgage lender to determine what you can realistically afford. Get pre-qualified, or better yet, complete a credit application and get pre-approved. With a pre-approval certificate in hand, your negotiating power with the seller increases.

Step 3
Compare various communities/neighborhoods.
Visit different communities that may fit your needs. Look for above average school systems, convenience to shopping, highway access and public transportation. An above average school system is most important, whether or not you have school-age children. It will usually help home values over time.

Step 4
Look at homes-for-sale in your favorite neighborhoods.
We will show you all the properties available in the areas chosen. As a general rule, it’s better to buy a home that isn’t the most expensive in the neighborhood. Then, over time, the more expensive homes have a positive influence regarding the appreciation of yours.

Step 5
Keep an open mind.
There’s rarely a perfect home available. Don’t lock-in to your perfect home in such a way that you miss out on a great buying opportunity. Make two lists, one for “must have” features and the other for “nice to have” features. Be willing to compromise on the “nice to have” list.

Step 6
Evaluate previous neighborhood sales.
We will review “closed sales” of homes similar to the one you are interested in. Our evaluation will include differences in features, location, age and square footage. This step is critical as it minimizes emotion-based decisions and keeps you from overpaying for your dream home.

Step 7
Utilize our negotiating expertise.
Factors other than price determine the strength of an offer. Two factors that will greatly improve your negotiating position are:

  1. A pre-qualification, or better yet, pre-approval mortgage letter
  2. Making your offer non-contingent on the sale of your current home (we can refer lenders who arrange interim financing)
Earnest money, personal property you want to include and the closing date will be negotiated according to what’s best for you — our client.

Step 8
Don’t overlook home inspections.
Always be willing to engage the services of a professional home inspector. You may uncover potentially serious problems that need to be worked out with the seller prior to closing. Also consider radon, termite, Dryvit and structural inspections, if applicable. We will give you a list of licensed inspectors to choose from.

Step 9
We will be there with you at closing.
Most closings go smoothly. Sometimes though, there are issues to be resolved like missing personal property or damage done by movers and discovered during the final walk-through. In situations like this, we’ll suggest fair resolutions and work with your attorney to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome that’s negotiated.

Step 10
Our service continues beyond the closing.
Whether you’re looking to find a doctor, dentist, handyman, day care center or auto mechanic - use us as a resource. We’re never more than a phone call away and we enjoy helping clients get to know the lay of the land. Our goal is to be known not only as your Realtor but also as your friend.

Step 11
Make sure your consider steps 1 through 10 — “Make a Wise Move!”




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