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Step 1
Start with the kitchen. Clear off the countertops. This is difficult for most of us because we are used to the convenience of having everything at our fingertips. However, it does affect the way buyers view your home.

Step 2
Clean the inside thoroughly.
Shampoo the carpets. Wash/wax the floors. Clean the windows, lighting fixtures, blinds and draperies. (Don’t forget to replace burnt out bulbs.) Consider a professional cleaning service, usually the expense is a valid “moving expense” tax deduction.

Step 3
Make the bathrooms sparkle.
Remove that “grime” that builds over time in the bathtub, shower, sink and ceramic surround areas. You may have to re-caulk, remember that too much caulk will mess-up the job.

Step 4
Repair dripping faucets and leaking commodes.
When small repairs like this are ignored, it makes buyers wonder what else may be wrong.

Step 5
Lighten up!
Painting may be your best investment when selling, especially if you have an outdated color scheme or dirty/stained ceilings/walls. If the stain is caused by a water leak, get it fixed before repainting. In some cases removing wallpaper and painting walls a neutral color helps rooms appear bright and spacious.

Step 6
Make the rooms and closets look bigger.
The less furniture in a room increases the open and spacious feeling. Store seldom used furniture in the basement. Also, don’t forget to remove out-of-season clothing in closets.

Step 7
Don’t ignore the unfinished basement and garage.
Get rid of storage you don’t need. Removing clutter and infrequently used items opens up floor space which makes the area look bigger. Remaining items should be moved next to walls if possible.

Step 8
Outside home repairs are essential.
Make the most of that first impression. Does your home need painting? Are windowsills peeling? Does the front door need cleaning or painting? Do screen doors open or slide properly? Is the mailbox post crooked? Does the mailbox need replacement? Consider all of these items to improve appearance and first impressions.

Step 9
What about the yard and landscaping?
Your lawn should be kept cut, trimmed, well-watered and free of brown spots. Make sure the beds are weeded and mulched. Trim shrubs and trees. Consider adding a few bushes and colorful flowers if your landscaping is less than average for the neighborhood.

Step 10
Better safe than sorry.
Although a theft would be extremely rare, especially when a licensed Real Estate Agent accompanies buyers in your home, it is a good idea to secure jewelry, cash and other valuables.

Step 11
Make sure you consider steps 1 through 10 &
Make the most of first impressions!




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